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All NuHuman products are certified by the health products association of South Africa (HPA)

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NuHuman products are superior quality-based Nutritional Masterpieces. Our products are designed and formulated by industry professionals, doctors and scientists.

Our products are made in facilities that have GMP compliance and use only the highest standards during production.

All formulations are built on Blood and Urine Organic Acid Profiling, Blood and Urine Amino Acid Profiling, HTMA test requirements, and over 30 Years of research in the field of Nutrition and Bio-Hacking Metabolomics.


"Just Incredible! Scientifically Researched Products Filling a Market Gap By Addressing Health On An Intracellular Level."

-Dr. Susan Lehmann, World-Renowned Biochemist with 40 Years Experience in Human Optimisation and Metabolic Defects.

"I Believe That These Supplements Are Of A High Quality, Incorporate The Latest Science, And Are Most Effective". 

-Dr David P Keetch, B. Sc.  B. Sc (Hons), Ph. D., D. I. C. (London).

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"Teach Your Body Chemically What Your Mind Has Understood Intellectually. Upregulate Your Genes To Improve Your Genetic Destiny" - Brandon Halasz.

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